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Wow, what an odd feeling. For the first time for ages I’m currently without a bike. I took the TEx to Laguna Ashford today for them to fix the suspension and as it’s earlier than planned they don’t have a loan bike for me. That’s not important to be honest, I always have the car and I never like loan bikes, they’re not mine.

Originally I’d booked the bike in for the 16th of this month but in talking to them last week about this and engine noise bulletin, I think they realised how disappointed I am with the suspension. Consequently they suggested I drop it in and they’ll look at it when they can. I do hope they’re able to fix it and that it doesn’t take them too long.

When I dropped it off, I had a while to wait for Meike to come and take me home so I took their demo TEx out for a quick ride. It was the exact same TEx I test rode a few months back at their Maidstone branch. I deliberately took it on the same roads I’d just ridden over on mine so I could do a direct comparison. There’s no question the suspension’s firm, but I do think the demo bikes had more movement in it and so felt like a much more forgiving ride than mine.

Anyway, I guess I’ll learn more when they’ve had a good look. I really do hope they can make it better.

So, no bike, but the car is completely fixed. Last week I arranged for Mercedes Maidstone to fit the new high level brake light tomorrow afternoon at 2:30pm with a while you wait appointment. You can imagine my surprise therefore when the phone rang at about 8:00am today and it was their delivery driver to let me know he was on his way to collect it. Very odd, but as it wasn’t inconvenient I let them take it on the understanding it would be back by 1:00pm. In actual fact they returned at 12:45 with the new brake light fitted and incredibly my original one in the boot.

What I find amazing is that the original one is very seriously damaged, it’s not some tiny little crack, but in fact part of the lip of the unit is missing and the seal broken.


I can’t believe this happened without me noticing it and I will be writing to their service manager to see what he thinks. At the same time I will mention to him about my drivers door pocket which has always worked perfectly until the first time I tried to use it following the last service. I am not accusing them of anything and I have no proof, but both these things seem very odd. They certainly haven’t made any money out of the brake light, especially as they’ve had to fit one twice now, but I do wonder if they didn’t somehow accidentally break it and have charged me for replacing it? I’ll definitely see what they have to say.

Anyway, looks like it’ll be 4 wheels for the next few days.


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