Ride to Laguna Ashford

Posted on 10. May, 2013 by in All, Bike Video, Bikes, Explorer Suspension, Rides, Triumph Explorer

It was such a nice day when I took the TEx to my dealers – Laguna, earlier in the week that I decided to video some of the ride. I have a choice as to how to get there from my house, either I can get on the main A roads and motorways or I can take a much more interesting cross country route such as that shown…

OK, so the cross country route takes a little longer, but it so much more interesting and has some truly beautiful scenery.

I believe this video, and previous ones, also show my front suspension not working at all well. My head, where the camera is mounted, bobs with every jolt through the bars and if you compare the mirrors and screen top to the surroundings, I think this also shows the harshness well. There are sections of the ride that look to be reasonable smooth sections of road, and yet here you can also see such effects.

I haven’t heard from Laguna yet with any findings but as today’s Friday I will probably call them later to find out if anything’s happened yet.


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