First Night for SERV Kent and No Progress with the TEx Suspension!

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Last night, Friday/Saturday, was my first night on duty for SERV Kent. That means my name was on the rota and I was available to be called out if needed between 7:00pm Friday and 6:00am this morning, Saturday. As it turned out we weren’t very busy and so I wasn’t called out.

serv_logoIn one respect, that of riding the bike and actually transporting something, especially on a lovely warm evening, it was a disappointment to not be called out, but as I thought about it, it’s really much better than being called out.

I don’t mean better for me, there’s nothing selfish about this, but let’s face it we’re called on generally when someone else is probably in a pretty bad way. So, in that respect, if we’re not very busy it’s a good thing.

Of course for myself, I’m playing my part just as much by being available as I would be out on the bike actually transporting something and as I’ve said before it really is great to be a part of something that can have such a direct and immediately positive effect for any of my fellow mankind.

I’m next on duty on Sunday night and so perhaps I will be called out then, if not I’ve put myself on the rota a few more times this month until the last week when we leave for our holiday in the Picos mountains again, and then again later in August when we’ve returned and the bike is hopefully back from Hinkley. The latter point isn’t that critical as I can of course always use the car for my SERV duties if need be.

PP RackI’ve made a temporary change to the bike for my SERV duties. I decided against the Palmer Products rack, pictured left, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I felt it wasn’t big enough, some of the blood bags are quite large, and secondly, because it uses completely different nuts, bolts and spacers to the Givi plate I need for my top box it would be fiddly and quite a nuisance to keep swapping them over.

Instead, I’ve been given an ally plate that will enable me to carry two boxes side by side. It’s purpose made for the job and has holes and cut-outs for straps etc. I cut a couple of additional slots in it so it will slide forwards onto the Givi monokey lugs. This holds the front firmly in place and I can then fix it at the rear with a couple of bolts in place of the monokey latch. This means the Givi monokey adapter plate can remain permanently fixed on the rack and setting it up for SERV duties takes no more than a minute or two.

When I get called out or when I next wheel the bike out with it set up for SERV duties I’ll try to take some photos so you can see what I mean. In the meantime the Palmer Products rack I purchased is for sale.

Triumph Explorer and Hyperpro Suspension.

Hyperpro_Combikit_v01As I mentioned in my last post on the subject HM Racing seemed to be taking an absolute age to get the Hyperpro springs ordered for my bike. After chasing them for the last couple of weeks and listening to them talking to Performance Parts, the Hyperpro UK importer, I’ve come to the conclusion they have absolutely no idea when the springs will arrive into the UK. In an attempt to find some I called one Hyperpro dealer who told me the factory was now on its summer holiday and so none would be arriving probably for around four weeks.

Taking all this into account together with the fact HM Racing took a deposit from me six weeks ago, I have cancelled the order – at least for the time being. What is the point of giving someone money for a product that no one knows when it will be supplied?

I was really hoping to have the suspension sorted before our holiday and this is of course now looking very unlikely. I’m told that Touratech have the springs in stock but as they want 25% more for them than anyone else they won’t be getting my business. They openly admit the springs are Hyperpro springs just branded Touratech so I have no idea how they justify such a price increase or indeed why anyone would pay it.

Of course there are other better known suspension companies, but they all seem to want to sell you a new rear shock absorber as opposed to just the spring.

There may be some good news though, and I’ll find out next week when I hopefully get a reply to an email. I’ve found another company, Yacugar, who also list progressive springs for the front and rear of the Triumph Explorer. Like Hyperpro they are based in Holland and from what I can find on the web they seem to be a company that was formed by some ex Hyperpro staff. Anyway, their UK web site claims all springs are in stock and so hopefully I’ll get a positive answer on Monday.


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