JavaScript Graphs for Web Pages - Version 2
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jsGraphIT is a JavaScript plugin that enables the graphing of data on web pages. jsGraphIT works together with data output from FreeWX and FreeWX-Wi to present your weather station data in easy to read graphs. jsGraphIT can also be called from within any HTML page including those created by GhostWriter. jsGraphIT is compatible with the HTML 4.01 specification and nearly all browsers on all platforms.

jsGraphIT was born from the web graphing capabilities included with FreeWX and FreeWX-Wi - fantastic free weather station software written by Andy Kier in Australia. Under the authorship of Dave Brown in the UK it has now evolved into a fully featured JavaScript graphing kit that not only supports many different styles of graph but also complies to the latest HTML standards. And best of all, it's completely Free.

Note for FreeWX and FreeWX-Wi users. Version 2 fully supports the FreeWX full graph web tags as did version 1. However, if you used any of the graph customisation settings in the header of the version 1 file then you should follow the instructions here to retain these settings with version 2.
FreeWX and FreeWX-Wi included a web graphing capability for some time. It worked well but was very limitted in the way the graphs were output. They were restricted in size, had a fairly limited selection of colours and presented only one set of data at a time.

jsGraphIT is re-write of the original script to overcome these limitations and allow much greater customisation while retaining complete backwards compatibility for those that don't want any extra funtions.

In addition, graphs created with jsGraphIT version 2 conform fully to the HTML 4.01 standard.

Original style graph produced by Free-WX.
jsGraphIT V2 adds the following possibilities...
Set the style of the graph on a graph by graph basis.
Set different axis values including time, dates, count or set text.
Set different styles by colours or images, bars or lines, single or multiple plots on the same axis.
Take full advantage of the new FreeWX graph data tags or data from other sources.
Set graphs with negative values to show bars below a zero X axis.
Set wind direction graphs to show compass points instead of degrees and lines in place of bars.
Set the font, size and colour of the titles, y.axis units and both axis values.
Change the titles and Y axis units.
Include backgrounds, graph frames and even horizontal grid lines.
All graph styles are created with intelligent mouseOvers based on the values and axis plotted.
Output graphs direct to document or a variable - enabling sophisticated scripting.
The graph below is dynamically created on this page and illustrates some of the capabilities mentioned above. This is a MaxMin style graph plotted over a month period...
Further examples are available on the introduction page.
If you have any problems, issues or suggestions for this feature of FreeWX and FreeWX-Wi I can be contacted via the FreeWX user forums under the ID Burger or emailed .
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